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On Turtle, pay for only the software engineering you need. Our App and our Talent help make sure your work stays as efficient as possible.

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Work with great engineers who are looking to learn a new skill on real projects.

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High-end freelance software engineers sourced globally.

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$ 100 / hour


The best software developers in the world, and an account manager.

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What you get per project.

Examples below are calculated using the Commercial (50$/hr) rate. As with any kind of custom software, actual prices will change depending on your specifications.

“Set up AWS securily and automate monthly backups.”


6.5 hours

“Make an iPhone version of my Android App.”


162 hours

“Collect realtor data and make a web app with property listings on a map.”


59 hours

Two ways to stay in control of your budget.

Add budgets to job requests.

Product UI

Add budgets to job requests.

When submitting a job request, we prefer that you add a budget and a due date. This is motivated by the “fix budget, fix timeline, flex scope” mentality.

Keep track of each week.

Talent UI

Keep track of each week.

Turtle’s dashboard helps you optimize team efficiency every week. Get in control of your software engineering spend and performance like never before.

An entirely new way to create software.

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