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Turtle’s platform is catered to software engineers doing their best work under the most supportive conditions — all while keeping you in control of your project and budget.

One size does not fit all

Ivan Rogozin

Ivan Rogozin

Kiev, Ukraine

iOS Developer

When you need help on a single task, Turtle intelligently matches the best individual for a specific task.

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Get a flexible, remote team — with experience working together — for less than the cost of one full-time engineer. Made possible only with Turtle.

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Software engineers on Turtle are more than just world-class coders — they’re PhD students, founders, scientists, and entrepreneurs.

Our software makes the job easier, but it’s still an impossible job without the best talent. Our platform tests and tracks:

  • Technical skill
  • Self-management ability
  • Efficiency and customer reviews

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“I get to do my best work — from anywhere. These are some of the most interesting projects I’ve ever worked on”

Artem G. Software Scientist